Interior Detail

At Next Level Auto Detailing, you have many levels and options to choose from to pick the best detail for your interior. Our standard detail includes a quick but thorough wipe down and vacuum of all interior surfaces. For more extensive interior detail jobs, I offer pressurized steam cleaning, carpet and upholstery shampooing, deep leather cleaning and conditioning, and Ozone treatment for odors. For more information on the various treatments I offer for your car interior, read below. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to call. I love talking car detailing and will work to create the best detail package for your car, budget, and needs. With the right combination of methods, products, and tools, let Next Level get your interior looking and smelling better than the first time you drove your car.

Pressurized Steam Cleaning

Disinfect and Deep Clean!

Using pressurized steam has many benefits when cleaning the interior of a car. Not only does the steam naturally disinfect without any harsh chemicals, it gives your car an incredible deep clean. The pressure from the steam blows out any dirt or grime from impossible to reach places like trim joints and cup holders. For dirty leather and upholstery, the steam will loosen stubborn stains and allow for easier removal.

Carpet Shampoo

Refresh and Rejuvenate

If there is one part of your car that is repeatably getting dirt driven into it, it is your carpet. From mud, to spilled drinks, food, etc, your carpet is filled with this accumulation of contaminants. In the Sarasota Bradenton area, we are “blessed” with those summer afternoon showers which results in wet, muddy shoes constantly rubbing into our car’s carpet. Not only is it visually unappealing, it is the major source of odors in cars. Using hot water, carpet cleaners, and an extractor, your carpet can be rejuvenated and restored to smell and look like new!

Leather Care

Your leather needs love, just like your own skin!

You bought your brand new car and paid the premium price to get the leather package. It looks awesome, feels great, and seems to be maintenance free. Then after a couple years, it seems overnight you have faded, hard, cracking leather. What happened? Just like your own skin, leather was once skin as well. And just like your own skin, it needs to be nourished and taken care of. Here in the Sarasota Bradenton area, we experience hot summers with intense UV rays. If you are not consistently cleaning and conditioning your leather, it will fade and crack. This is especially true for convertibles.

At Next Level, my goal is to get your car looking the best it can while also equipping my customers with the knowledge and know-how to upkeep their car. Leather is definitely one aspect of car care that needs to be a continuous process. After I get your leather properly cleaned and conditioned, it will be easy to maintain.

The process of restoring leather depends on the level of neglect the leather has had. Some leather will need a steam clean to heat up the pores to release dirt. Using leather brushes and leather cleaner, dirt and oils will be lifted and removed leaving a clean slate. Then, the conditioner can be applied leaving your leather noticeably shinier and feeling more supple.

Ozone Treatment

Destroy Odors!

Kids, pets, food, drink, and sweat are just some of the sources of that “gross car smell”. Sometimes cleaning the carpets and steam cleaning is not enough to remove those smells that have permeated inside your car. An ozone treatment can help alleviate or even remove some of those odors. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer that will react with other molecules changing their structure this rendering them smell less. It is also known to kill microbes and bacteria which is a great additional benefit. If you thing your car would benefit from an ozone treatment, contact me and I can walk you through a treatment option.